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You can find here;All Ankara Transport Maps Links.(Ankara railsystems network map,departure times of Ankara buses,where is my bus service etc.).Also you can find clues for an easy traveling and instructions about easy ways to go some touristic areas from the airport and bus station (bus terminal).




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(Also you can find more useful information about Ankara tranport in the link)

Paying Methods



You can use the ticket card for buses and rail systems.

Note:You can't  get this card in the bus without Esenboğa Airport bus. Please look  "where can i buy" part of this page to know where you can get it.



September 2013 Prices

Card Type Price
2 times Usable 3,5 TL
5 times Usable 8,75 TL
10 times Usable 17,5 TL
20 times Usable 35 TL
Esenboğa Airport Price 5,25 TL


Where can you buy it?


You can buy it from ticket shops in subway stops, card sales centers,card sales offices,card sales markets and buffets.


How can you use it ?


You should put into your card to card reader machine and hold on it 1-2 seconds,then



How can I go to Ankara's Heart Kızılay?

From Esenboğa Airport

You have two options to go to Ankara's heart Kızılay.
First option is Ego Buses.You can use the bus number 442  to go to Kızılay.
Second option is using buses called Havaş.You can find Havaş buses at the exit of the airport.But you can't go to Kızılay directly with Havaş buses.There are two stops of Havaş buses called Aşti and Ulus.You can get off any stops of Havaş buses and can use the subway to go to Kızılay.You can find subway map links top of this page.

From Bus Station (Bus Terminal)

The easiest option is using subway to go to Kızılay from the Bus Station (Bus Terminal) (Aşti).You can find subway map links top of this page

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