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Traditional Foods In Antalya 


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A traditional Turkish breakfast usually includes cheese (usually feta cheese), tomato, black olives, honey or jam, bread, sausage, salami, bacon and hard-boiled eggs, as well as black tea in small slender glasses.


Turkish Kebap

Kebabs are cooked in barbecued oak coal or wood-burning ovens.Mostly beef,lamb and mutton are used.It is one of the most famous Turkish meals.The kebab that in the picture is called Adana Kebab.

Doner Kebab

Doner Kebab is a kind of Turkish Kebab made of meat cooked on a vertical spit.The meat is cooked with regional spices.Type of meat is usually veal or beef but also a mix of these with lamb or occasionally chicken.

Lahmacun (Turkish Pizza)

Lahmacun is a kind of pita that baked in a stone oven.It includes ground beef,parsley, onion, garlic black pepper and chipotle (red pepper) on the dough.


Yaprak Sarma

Yaprak Sarma is prepared like this;wheat or rice with other ingredients which depend on the region are placed in grape leaves.


Dolma has an important place in Turkish cuisine.Eggplant,bell pepper and many other vegetables are used for filling with wheat or rice with other ingredients which depend on the region.

Turkish Rice And Chicken

Turkish Rice is usually served with chicken with sauce and spices.The rice has a good flavor with oil,chicken broth,spices and special ingredients.


Karnıyarık is one of the major meal of Turkish cuisine.Main ingredients are eggplants and ground beef.Eggplants is filled with ground beef and other ingredients.


The lentil soup (Mercimek)

It is one of the most delicious soups that made by red lentil. You can easily find in every region of the country.

Yogurt Soup

Yogurt is the most important ingredient of the soup.You can easily find in every region of the country.

Tarhana Soup

Tarhana soup can be eaten at each meal, including breakfasts. It is a feeder soup and it can be stored for a long time because it is in powder form. It is famous in Uşak,Denizli,Kahramanmaraş and Beypazarı in Turkey.



Baklava is one of the famous desserts of Turkey.Walnuts, pistachios, almonds or hazelnuts are placed between thin filo pastry.In general,it is sweetened with sugar syrup.


Kadayıf is obtained mixing flour and water.It is a dessert as a result of the introduction of the dough into thin wires.


Künefe is made by Kadayıf and cheese.It served hot.The homeland of the is künefe Hatay.

Lokma Dessert

Lokma is prepared with frying the dough,sweetened with syrup and served.

Sütlaç (Rice Pudding)

Sütlaç is the most common and known desert in Turkish Cuisine.The main ingredients are rice, milk and sugar.


Ayran (Buttermilk)

Ayran is obtained by adding water into the yogurt.It is one of the most common drinks of Turkish Cuisines.

Şalgam Juice (Turnip Juice)

Turnip juice is usually consumed with kebabs.It is common in Adana,Mersin and Osmaniye.Also it is red-colored, fuzzy-looking,hot&spicy (optionally) and sourish.


Boza is a winter drink which produced millet, semolina, water and sugar.It is one of the oldest known Turkish drinks.The season of Boza is between 15 of September and 15 of May.

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