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Communication In Uludag / Bursa



If international roaming function of your sim card is active and supported by Turkish providers,you can use it in Turkey.If it is not active,you should ask your GSM operator to activate the international roaming function of your mobile phone before going to Turkey.A lot of international GSM operators provide coverage in Turkey in addition to local GSM operators such as Turkcell, Vodafone and Avea.Also if you will need to call Turkish numbers a lot,it will be expensive to call with your own number,so if you will call too many Turkish numbers,you can buy a sim card in the airport or from sim card offices.There are 3 different companies;Turkcell,Vodafone and Avea.If you will need cheap internet on mobile,cheap sms or cheap calls,you can ask campaigns to the salesman.You can find all in one packages (internet,sms,calls),it will be more economic.


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