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Cappadocia / Nevsehir Transportation Guide


You can find here; instructions about ways to go to Cappadocia from the airport and bus station (bus terminal).


How can I go to Kapadokya?

From Bus Station (Bus Terminal)

You can use private buses to go to Cappadocia from bus station (bus terminal).

From Airport

You can go to Cappadocia from Istanbul by airway.
Turkish Airlines has daily flights to Istanbul-Nevsehir and Nevsehir-Istanbul.Tuzk÷y Airport is 30 km far from center of Nevsehir.

From Kayseri Airport

You can go to Kayseri by airway to go to Cappadocia.Then you should go to bus station (bus terminal) of  Kayseri from the airport
.You can find buses to Cappadocia easily from this bus station (bus terminal).It takes 45-60 minutes to go to Cappadocia.

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