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Places To Visit In Izmir-Izmir Trip Guide

 Places To See In Izmir ( Cesme & Ephesus & More Places )

Places To Go In Izmir ( Cesme & Ephesus & More Places )



Ephesus had been relocated throughout the history so ruins are spread over a wide area,approximately 8 kilometers.There are four main region for ruins;Ayasuluk Hill, Artemision, Efes and Selšuk and they are visited by 1.5 million tourists every year.Ephesus is the first city entirely made ​​of marble.The main structures and artifacts are described below:
-Library of Celsus
-House of Virgin Mary
-Temple of Hadrian
-Heracles Gate
-Seven Sleepers (Ashab al-Kahf)
-St. John Castle
-The Temple of Artemis


Cesme is a popular tourism center and distric of Izmir with about 2 km white sandy beaches, quality accommodation facilities and thermal facilities.There are too many tourists from too many countires in Cesme every summer.The most visited monument of Cesme is a castle that built by II.Beyazit and it is used for a museum at there present time.There is Cesme archaeological museum in the tower.

Kemeraltı is an important historical bazaar in Izmir.It was famous with hans in old times.At the present,it is full of cafes,cinemas and modern business centers.You may be interested  ceramics and tile panels that reflect the works of Turkish handicrafts in the bazaar.


Izmir Clock Tower is located in Konak district of İzmir.It is a historical clock tower and pne of the symbols of Izmir.

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